Boat Marine Re-upholstery

Is your boat interior looking worse for wear? The experts at Palmetto Reupholstery can give you an overhaul on the look of your prized possession. From seats and benches to boat covers – we do it all. We take care of your boat reupholstering and seat upholstery and will give your boat a brand new look.  

Why should I reupholster my boat interior?

Your boat gets exposed to a lot of sun, wind and rain that can make your seats and benches fade, crack, or tear. This can depreciate your boats value. When you reupholster the seats and benches not only do you add value, but you also add to your comfort.

You can also change the look of your boat by choosing different materials and colors. Let Palmetto Reupholstery help you choose!

What does Palmetto Reupholstery do?

At Palmetto Reupholstery we re-upholster seats and benches, side panels and covers for any water vessel. That includes seats for jet skis and boats.

Get the most out of your boat!

Boating is a great past time, whether you are fishing or just relaxing. Get the most enjoyment out of your boat by making it comfortable and looking good! Call us to get a quote on boat reupholstery today!


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