RV & Trailer Re-upholstery

You’ve got to admit it, some RV interiors are not always the most stylish. Your Recreational Vehicle, whether it be a fifth wheel, motorhome, or trailer, is your home away from home. You should be comfortable in it and proud to show it off. That’s why Palmetto Reupholstery recommends getting your RV & Trailer re-upholstered. 

Why Would I Re-upholster my RV Furniture?

The material on the couches, chairs and benches may be serviceable but do they reflect your style? Or the existing furniture in your RV may have faded, be torn, or wearing thin, and it can be easier to re-upholster your RV furniture than to replace it.

Re-upholstering can also replace the cushions that have sagged and make it a more comfortable place to rest after a long day of driving or sightseeing.

Should I Buy New Furniture Instead of Re-Upholstering?

Of course you can buy new furniture for your trailer or RV instead of re-upholstering them. But sometimes it’s difficult to find a replacement the same size to fit or to make sure that it doesn’t weigh too much. The beauty of re-upholstering your existing RV furniture is that you know it will fit perfectly and be the perfect weight.

At Palmetto Reupholstery we can help you find the perfect material to reflect your design style and your lifestyle. Leather, microfiber, vinyl, or upholstery fabric the colors and textures are your to choose. Newer fabrics are easy to clean, fresh smelling and will add to your enjoyment of getting away.

What can be Re-upholstered in my RV?

Couches, chairs, dinettes can all be re-upholstered in you RV. They can all match or you can separate your areas, such as lounge and dining, by coordinated colors. And don’t forget the window treatments or door panels.

  • Recreational Vehicle Services

    Chairs, Sofas Couches, Love Seats, Dinette Booths, Headboards, Window Coverings

  • Commercial Services

    For Rentals: Chairs, Sofas, Couches, Love Seats, Dinette Booths, Headboards, Window Coverings

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